The Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund (farm dog) is a medium sized lightly built Spitz dog of ancient origins with records of the breed as far back as 870 AD. The Vikings took Buhunds with them to Iceland and Britain and so Buhunds may have been one of the foundation stocks for present day herding breeds. Buhunds are outgoing, affectionate and intelligent. Their original purpose was to herd and guard the cattle, sheep and other farm animals as well as guard the home. Buhunds excel in agility, obedience and conformation. They are excellent family pets and bond closely with their family, they do not do well when excluded from family life or when kept outside of the home in a kennel situation. Buhunds tend to be healthy and active with keen senses of smell, sight and hearing, with a low incidence of genetic problems such as hip dysplasia.

Buhunds have a medium length easy care double coat, the sleek outer coat naturally sheds dirt and mud so the dogs remain clean. Buhunds tend to clean themselves like cats, don't require a lot of maintenance and don't have that strong doggy odour of other breeds. They shed in the spring but a thorough brushing keeps the shedding under control. Norwegian Buhunds are about knee high, not too big, not too small, their size makes them ideal for city or country living. They do need regular exercise and enjoy going for walks.

Most Buhunds show instinctive herding behaviour and love to retrieve. Buhunds are quick learners and any unwanted behaviours can usually be corrected by the owner. Buhunds love to "work" and really enjoy agility and obedience training, they excel at games such as frisbee and fetch.

They are happiest when they are in the company of their families.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion to share your life and home, who will bond with your entire family, please consider a Norwegian Buhund.

Norwegian Buhunds are recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. All our Norwegian Buhund breeding stock is registered with the CKC. There is also a Norwegian Buhund breed organization in Norway.

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Norwegian Buhunds
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Our experience with Norwegian Buhunds started in May of 2000 when we purchased a Buhund puppy from Linda Wendleboe of Bergen Norwegian Buhunds. We picked Bergen's Jera Tredje "Trey" up in Calgary on May 9, 2000 and started the long drive home to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. We had constructed a board with a cushion that fit over the consol in our truck. Trey immediately got comfy on the cushion and away we went, we stopped every now and then for exercise and a "P" break on the 13 hour drive home. We were so impressed with the breed that Ornbergs Zuni Prinsesse Siri "Siri" joined our family on December 21, 2002 from Seattle Washington, her sire is a Norwegian Champion imported from Norway. Shortly after Tolgen's Norwegian Buhund's was formed. The name of our Kennel "Tolgen" is the name of the town in Norway where Ken's Grandfather was born and raised.

Norwegian Buhund

Trey took his conformation Championship in three weekends taking his Championship with a " First in Group" and was number "3" Buhund in Canada in 2002 with a very limited showing. In 2003 he had eight " First in Group" placements and went on to make Breed History by becoming the First Norwegian Buhund in Canada to " Place Best in Show". In 2003 Trey was the # 1 Buhund in Canada.

Siri took her Conformation Championship in just one week in August of 2003.

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of Trey: on February 7th, 2008.
We take comfort knowing he is In the Arms of the Angels.
He will live forever in our hearts.
Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you ....

I loved you so, 'twas Heaven here with you

Norwegian Buhund
At the Beach
Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC
His 1st night in Canada
Let's get aquainted

The newest member of our family "Gnipagrottans Jesse James" AKA Tore arrived from Sweden on May 03, 2008. Our Buhunds are our constant companions, they welcome us home with kisses and toys, they are never in a bad mood and are a constant source of love and amazement.
"All of our Bu's will live out their lives in our care"

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Announcement Norwegian Buhund Puppies November 2017

We would like to announce that we're expecting, stay tuned for more pictures. Contact us. You could take one home.

Halle Litter March 8, 2016. Available Early May 2016
Halle Litter March 8, 2016. Available Early May 2016

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